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Honestly exceeded my every expection - I fell in love with Saigon because of this tour Rebecca Friedlander

03 Jan 2015

His drivers are all young, eager to know you as well as share their knowledge of Saigon, and all speak excellent English. As is the case with most of the folks in this city, they've been riding motos since before they could walk. Pop a yellow helmet on your head and off you go on the back of the bike, weaving into the organized chaos that is Saigon traffic.

I can't explain the wonderment of seeing the city from the back of a moto driven by a skillful driver. Saigon opens up, and the crowded streets - overwhelming when navigating on foot - become awash in neon and energy. The city positively pulsates and night and you are a part of it.

Heady from the driving, we arrived at our first stop and were quickly seated around a long table, interspersed with other riders and drivers. Hand sanitizer was passed around and Thanh hovered like an anxious host, asking "do you like it?" "its good, isn't it?" The entire team was thoughtful, quick to serve and explain how to eat certain foods. We zipped from local haunt to local haunt with a notable stop at the best banh mi in local history, at Huynh Hoa. Ate them streetside with beer - as its meant to be enjoyed.

I think that the tour will vary depending on what is open and fresh, but we stopped for the banh xeo / Vietnamese pancakes, for bun thit nuong / spring rolls and summer roll making instructions, for banh mi, in Korean town (or was it Chinatown?) for dumplings and soup and then for dessert, where we tried durian together...and then washed it down with more palatable offerings. :)

The fun is in the food, sure. But it is hard to tease that out from the experience itself, zipping through districts of Saigon, watching the local culture unfold around you, and sharing the moments with the extremely friendly and welcoming team of Saigon on Bikes moto driver tour guides.

I can't imagine returning to the city and NOT taking this tour again and I can't imagine visiting the city without being a part of it. Highly, highly recommend. Amazing memories (and pictures!) One of the very best experiences I've enjoyed while travelling.

Unbelievable Night Tasting our Way Through Saigon with Thanh! Walter Cummings - USA

13 Nov 2014

Just got back from an extremely wonderful night with Thanh and his crew. My wife and I decided to book with Thanh after reading some of the other glowing TripAdvisor recs, and we were not disappointed. As we are staying in District 1 in Ho Chi Minh city, Thanh and two of his drivers picked us up at our hotel promptly at 6:00 PM and we were off! We felt very safe the entire time (even though driving in Saigon is a bit hectic.) It turns out, we were the only ones signed up for the night, but the tour accommodates up to 8.

We made 5 stops in all, 4 for savory foods, and 1 for dessert. All of the choices that Thanh picked for us were diverse in flavor but represented various aspects of the Vietnamese culinary tradition that we hoped to experience. He even pushed us a bit to try some things that we normally wouldn't try, but thankfully he did! Everything was incredible! We left the night stuffed with deliciousness, and could not have asked for a better host. Thanh explains different ingredients, preparations, and the methods on how to properly eat these things amazingly. We would 100% recommend taking a tour with Saigon on Bikes for anyone staying in this immense city, as you get to see, smell, and taste the wonders that are found here! Our tour ended around 10:00 - 10:15 PM which was fine by us. He even gave us some recommendations for things to try on the following day.

Thank you so much Thanh! We will definitely be sending anyone headed this way to Saigon on Bikes!

Crazy Saigon Fun Doug Walston - USA

08 Oct 2014

My family (two adults, two kids ages 10 and 14) signed up for a morning tour with Thanh and friends. What a fun time! We cruised the city (not just District 1, they take you everywhere) and despite frequent rains, we had a blast. We had so much fun hitting the motorbike melee, alleyways and even the market on the back of the bikes that we decided we had to do the evening food tour, which I had initially avoided as I thought the kids wouldn't appreciate it as much as the adults.

Boy, was I wrong. My kids LOVED being on the back of the motorcycles, loved their drivers and insisted we do it again. The younger one discovered he loves grilled clams and raw oysters! We had a couple of food challenges that I personally liked and one that I got to check off my list. I learned I really like Durian (Thanks, Thanh!).

Both tours were really well paced, we took our time and we never felt rushed or bored. Thanh and his team are super friendly, interesting and just all around great people and safe as can be. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip to Saigon (and Hoi An). Highly recommended, you must do this!

Great people, great food, great evening! David Von Moos - Switzerland

04 Sep 2014

Through a friend living in Ho-Chi-Minh-City I met Thanh Le, the founder and owner of the small but nice company named "Saigon On Bikes". As we went out and had lots of fun together , I decided to join his tour the next evening. Thanh Le and his lovely crew took us out on the streets of Saigon. As a pillion rider exploring the City by night was very nice and a completely different experience than during the daytime, especially as we headed out for less known parts of Saigon, where tourists usually don't get to. The tour consists of several stops in local quarters. On every stop we were offered to taste different local dishes, even very extraordinary gastronomic specialities like the famous duck egg. You really get the chance to taste great food in real ambiance. It was a great culinary experience to the core! And as we were a very small group of only 3 tourists we really had the chance to get in touch not just with the young and friendly guides and drivers but with the locals, too.

Knowledgable, Fluent English Epicurean Thrill Tour Jim - USA

17 Jul 2014

This is a thoroughly contemporary group of University kids who know the cool food spots a local would go to. They explain what dishes you are having and provide instructions for how best to eat everything. You pay them their fee and they orchestrate the meals and pay each restaurant on the tour. No tourist trap cheesiness at any of these places. It's all Real Deal Holyfield stuff. Be sure to request "the contest" for eating spicy food...

It's not just a foodie tour of "local reallness" food - it's a moped ride through a crazy AF traffic-sick city you don't want to do in a car. And it's a thrill ride for sure - not for the total fainthearted in your group. Having said that, my mom's no Evel Knievel and she loved it, so your mom can do it, too.

I wasn't liking Saigon in a car and actually thought it reminded me too much of LA, but the scooter tour made us leave with a great impression of the city. There are some great places to eat.

Really a must-do for travelers who want experience travel and local specialties.

Wonderful food tour in Saigon Marianne - Holland

13 Jul 2014

Initially I almost didn't book the tour because of the price. $50 is a lot for Vietnam and in Hanoi it costs $25..
But it was absolutely worth it! I not only tasted the best streetfood I encountered in one month travel through Vietnam but I learned so much about Saigon and Vietnam on the back of the bikes through several districts of the city, that I started to like hectic Saigon!
Thanh and his lovely friend were absolutely charming and it felt like having a nice evening out with frends.

Best food tour in Vietnam. Authentic and delicious street food Marcelo Gomez - Venezuela

17 Jun 2014

     I'm on a food tour across Vietnam. Started in Saigon, went through Hoi An and moving north.
     I must say that my tour with saigon on bikes was just amazing.
     Thanh Le, the founder and guide leader, is a jong entrepreneur also a real foodie and local expert.
     I took the night food tour and we went to 5 different places. The food was so delicious, authentic and tasty. He explain well all the dishes and also give you many information about saigon and the vietnamise culture. I really recommend saigon on bikes food tour.
     The experience on a bike in Saigon during the night is great and very safe.
     Thanks Thanh Le!

Best food tour imaginable! Katie Worndl - Canada

23 May 2014

     If you like authentic Vietnamese food, meeting friendly people, and diving head first into local cultures when traveling, this tour is for you! Having now experienced Ho Chi Minh's food scene on the back of a bike, I can definitely say it's the only way to do it! Not only do you get to stop at 5 different places and try over 15 dishes, but you get a private tour pf the entire city from the friendliest people! Thanh, the owner, is such a great guide and you can tell he's so passionate about his city and the food it has to offer. I rode on the back of Tu's bike and he was so nice and made me feel safe even though the traffic was absolute madness! Getting to experience Saigon on a motorbike was incredible and it made me understand what it feels like to live in the city for a day.

     The food we tried was incredible and like nothing I've ever had. It was nice to be able to try really local dishes amd dishes that I don't think I'd come across in Vietnamese restaurants back home. At each stop we'd try 3 to 5 dishes all of which were really amazing. My favourites were the clams in lemongrass, chili, and lime broth, the vermacelli lettuce wraps with beef and pork, the fresh oysters, thw shrimp and pork dumpling soup, the papaya salad, pork meatballs with daikon radish, and fresh durian! Everything was delicious and it was so nice to eat around a table with such friendly people and talk about food and Vietnamese culture. The tour far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend this to anyone visiting Saigon! This tour was incredible!